Whilst the concept for this website has come from our desire to share material from research and practical studies in which we have been involved and to set this work within the wider marine spatial planning research and practice environment, we want this website to serve as a living research/information portal.

Therefore we invite contributions from all those involved or interested in marine planning.

How you can contribute

To share case study material, please complete a proforma.

To post news and other information relevant to marine planning, please email and we will upload it to our front page.

To discuss themes, concepts or anything else, please contribute to the marine planning discussion group on LinkedIn.


The development of the site has been funded through an internal research grant provided by ABPmer and White Papers have been prepared by ABPmer marine policy specialists.

We are also particularly indebted to Jim Claydon, a former President of the RTPI, for advice on spatial planning concepts and for his comments on and contributions to draft texts.

Additionally, we thank the coastal and marine practitioners that have taken the time to complete case study proformas outlining how their projects have functioned.