Implementation and delivery

Effective implementation of marine plans will be essential if their objectives are to be achieved. Marine plans must have a central role in shaping ongoing marine management. In particular regulatory decisions should be taken in conformance to the plan and monitoring activities should be geared towards demonstrating progress in achieving plan objectives. Such information should be used to drive adaptive management and review and revision of plans. The key tasks associated with managing plan implementation and delivery include:

  • Development management - using marine plans to drive licensing decisions: decisions should conform to plan policies;
  • Informing and Influencing other stakeholders;
  • Monitoring implementation of the plan:
    • Conformance of licensing decisions with plan policies;
    • Achievement of plan objectives and monitoring against indicators (environmental, economic, social);
  • Adaptive management based on monitoring data;
  • Review of plan policies (to inform subsequent revision).

There is considerable experience from the terrestrial spatial planning system concerning plan implementation and delivery. There is also a wealth of information about existing marine monitoring  programmes which supports current marine management processes.