Project Background

Morecambe proposed breakwaterThis site presents a series of photographs and reports that are being produced to accompany Lancaster City Council’s coastal defence works at Morecambe. Specifically, these details relate to the development of the southern breakwater as part of the Phase VI coastal defence programme. As part of this development LCC are undertaking environmental mitigation work that involves recreating glacially-formed cobble ‘skear’ habitat that would otherwise become buried under the footprint of the development.

This mitigation work is being undertaken, in consultation with Natural England, in order to preserve in-situ the existing skear habitat because it lies within Morecambe Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) and has potential value as an upper shore waterbird feeding area.

This is believed to be the first time that such skear creation work has been undertaken and it is hoped that the lessons learned from this work and the associated 2-year ecological monitoring programme will inform for future coastal developments.

The parties involved are Lancaster City Council, Shoreline Management Partnership, the Birse Group plc and ABPmer.